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Start a ground-breaking conversation between generations.

It’s time to step up...

We already see the impact of Millennials emerging as consumers, employees, and investors. Generation Z is coming next. As the younger generations grow into global influencers, is your organisation evolving fast enough?


Reports and statistics will only tell you what everyone else knows. Instead, go to the source—have a real conversation with the experts, those who live and breathe the future.


The NextGen Project tears down barriers and eliminates hierarchy to facilitate a genuine and impactful cross-generational dialogue, unlocking new opportunity and bold originality


The NextGen Project advises in strategy, leadership, and technology by organizing transformative reverse mentoring sessions between senior executives and insightful young leaders.


Our workshops have already inspired 100+ CEO’s, boards, and executive teams to think differently, challenge outdated practices, and lead their organisations into a more sustainable future.


You already have the talent and the ability to thrive in an ever-changing world. Let us help expand your current mindset, shape new initiatives, and promote thought leadership.

We help you to...




Better understand the shifting needs and expectations of your future employees.

Learn how you can strengthen your culture, communication, and leadership style to stay relevant.

Discover how values, attitudes, and beliefs are evolving.


How your company can be a catalyst for a broader positive change.

Be more entrepreneurial.


Challenge existing ideas and overcome limitations.


Increase curiosity and innovation within your organisation.


Hi, we are The NextGen Project,

a growing international community of young leaders working in start-ups, corporations, and non-profit organisations who help senior executives to discover how to stay relevant and attractive to their future customers, employees, and investors. 


The NextGen Project is the brainchild of Heikki Leskinen. After working for years with corporate executives and Millennials, Heikki realised there was no real, free-flowing and hierarchy-free conversation between them, resulting in costly and unnecessary barriers to innovation.


“I strongly believe that the only way to build a prosperous and sustainable future is to build bridges between leaders of different generations and disciplines.” 

"You are never too young to Lead or too old to Learn."
                               -Kofi Annan

Because the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives is core in our community, The NextGen is constantly looking for new members. Are you ready to join? 

Want to stay on top of what future generations expect as well as hear about our events and insights? Just enter your info below:
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