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In the Face of Change, Generations Unite

Solving the biggest questions of our times, from climate change to AI, requires combining the unique strengths of every generation. However, many firms struggle to attract Millennial and Generation Z talent, let alone leverage cross-generational intelligence. This isn't just a missed opportunity; it's a risk that undermines a company's ability to anticipate and adapt to the future.

The NextGen Project helps organizations attract and empower next-generation workforce and foster cross-generational collaboration to tackle challenges head-on.

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Unlock the Power of the Next Generation

We help organizations to attract and empower next-generation talent and promote cross-generational collaboration to tackle today's most pressing challenges.

Keynotes: Understanding Millennials and Gen Z

Dive deep into the work values and aspirations of the next generation. Acquire strategies to attract, engage, and retain them in today's competitive landscape.

Leadership Development
for Tomorrow

Prepare your executive team with in-depth knowledge of Millennial and Gen Z preferences. Collaborate with our NextGen experts to evolve your leadership framework and company culture, ensuring alignment with emerging generational expectations.

Managerial Training for
a Diverse Workforce

Enable your managers to harness the potential of the younger workforce. Delve into effective strategies for goal-setting, communication, and well-being. Design action plans to integrate and amplify the unique assets of the next generation.

NextGen Scenario

Navigate the future with confidence. Explore technological, environmental, and social trends through the eyes of future generations and understand your organization's role. Craft robust strategies to stay relevant in a fast-changing world.

Employer Branding for
the Next-Gen Workforce

Future-proof your employer brand. Utilize the insights from our NextGen network to sculpt a compelling employer brand, resonating with the brightest next-generation professionals.

Our services

Heikki Leskinen, Founder & CEO, The NextGen Project

"Only when generations truly connect and unite their distinctive strengths, can organizations turn today's challenges into tomorrow's competitive advantage."

Heikki Leskinen
Founder & CEO

What sets us apart is our network of forward-thinking next-generation advisors. Their diverse voices ignite the spark of transformative change in your organization. 

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Engage with the future

Keen on tapping into the potential of the next generation? Join us in crafting a more integrated, innovative, and future-ready blueprint for your organization.


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