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Our approach

We selected an international group of 10 millennials with diverse international backgrounds in banking, consulting, start-ups, academic research, artificial intelligence, urban development, and from 7 nationalities: German, Swiss, Norwegian, Dutch, British, Russian, Canadian and Finnish. Each of our community members were linked with our client's "Next Gen" facilitators (their internal junior executives) prior to the summit, and we briefed them to co-facilitate the workshop.

In the summit, our millennial members were co-facilitating 10 sub-groups with 12 executives each during a half-a-day workshop. Each group had a pre-defined topic related to culture and leadership styles. Our proven facilitation process is all about co-designing movement for a positive change:


  • What are the key bottlenecks in our culture and leadership styles

  • Design a concept for a change program addressing those issues

  • Define a concrete action plan for your concept

Key objective

We helped a Central European private bank and asset management company with global operations and over 3000 employees to understand how to develop their culture and leadership styles that support renewal and growth. They needed insights from the next generation of leaders, from various different industries.

Our client wanted external stimulus and insights to complement their own thinking and tools to understand their next generation of employees better.




Client dived deep into the cultural bottlenecks in their organization and how to bring improvements.


A total of 10 different cultural change programmes were designed for further analysis and prioritization. Soon after the summit our client started impelenting a change program inside of the company.


We created a safe, mediated space for communication between management, stakeholders, and millenials. That helped our client to understand their culture better and gain valuable insights from outside.

Ready to be the change?

Start a ground-breaking conversation between generations. Request more information and discuss with our team how we can collaborate - designing a custom made workshop for your company, incorporating a keynote in your next corporate event, and more...

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