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 The NextGen Growth+Impact Initiative 

Connect with the next generation of change-makers


We bring actionable insights on how to successfully take businesses to the post-COVID-19 world.

Our initiative

More than ever before, organizations need to understand change and adapt to it at lightning speed. That is why we have created The NextGen Growth+Impact Initiative.

This is a unique opportunity for companies to access the brightest minds of the next generation and benefit from their expertise and networks.


Our NextGen Advisors are trained to advise senior executives and help corporations to discover new business opportunities, understand future customer needs, and find innovative ways of organizing work.


Partner with our next generation experts to innovate faster, generate new growth opportunities, and create more sustainable businesses. 

Program in collaboration with:

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Here is what we have in store for you:

  • thought-provoking and actionable insights 

  • a better understanding of future customers, talent and organizations

  • access to an extensive and powerful network of change-makers

  • an option to feature the results and collaboration in social media

Ask us anything (almost)!

  • You send in one of the pressing questions your organization is facing at the moment and we pick up a selection of NextGen Advisors to answer it.

  • The NextGen Advisors work on your question under the supervision of our senior coaches.

  • The NextGen Advisors document their findings and present them in a 2-hour online session.

  • You receive a concise slide presentation synthesizing the key points and recommendations.

Meet the next generation’s brightest leaders:

  • a community of smart professionals aged between 20-35 representing 20+ nationalities

  • insightful and articulate individuals from diverse backgrounds, e.g. engineering, economics, law, and social sciences

  • hungry to challenge the status quo and committed to drive change and make a positive impact on today’s and tomorrow’s organizations

Want to know more about the NextGen Advisors?

Let's get in touch!

Heikki Leskinen
The NextGen Project

+358 40 521 0125

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