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Join the NextGen Growth+Impact
Leadership Program


A first-class leadership program for the next generation designed to help you grow your expertise and become an effective advisor to senior executives. 

The program

Today more than ever before, companies need a clear vision and strong execution to navigate through turbulent times. That is why we have created The NextGen Growth+Impact Leadership Program. This first-class leadership training has been uniquely designed to equip high performing young individuals with the tools required to successfully advise senior executives on what truly matters to future clients and employees, and bring external perspectives for growth and transformation.

By joining The NextGen Growth+Impact Leadership Program you will become the catalyst to positive changes in organizations while growing as a leader and on a personal level.

In collaboration with:

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  • June 8, 5-6: Introduction to Growth+Impact Leadership Program, Jaakko Sahimaa, NextGen Growth+Impact Program Lead and Coordinator

  • June 10, 2pm-5pm: Cultivating your potential and growing your performance, Nora Rosendahl, Chief Operating Officer, Hintsa Performance

  • June 11, 3pm-5pm: Become a trusted NextGen Advisor for senior executives, Erik Floman, Senior Advisor, Amrop Finland and Korkia

  • June 15: 3pm-6pm: Leading responsible business growth, Riku Asikainen, Managing Partner, Evli Growth Partners

To complete the program, you will be required to: 

  • attend the three online master classes 

  • take part in three peer-to-peer mentoring session to reflect with another participant on your path as a next generation leader

  • carry out one of the following assignments:

    • in small groups, bring insights to a real-life business problem submitted by senior executives and present your findings to the client in August or September.

    • write a LinkedIn article showcasing thought leadership about future customer needs and behaviors, expectations of next generation’s talent, innovation or responsible leadership.

What you will get

  • first-class leadership training with internationally recognized coaches and mentors

  • increased influence and advisory skills

  • unique opportunity to showcase your expertise

  • access to an extensive and powerful network of change-makers

  • all of the above for FREE


On completion of the program, you will be issued with a certificate of attendance by The NextGen Project.

Application process

  • Applications accepted until Sunday, May 31 2020

  • All applicants informed by email by Thursday, June 04 2020

Apply now if you are

  • 20-35 years old

  • hungry to grow your potential as a leader and an advisor

  • committed to drive change and make a positive impact on today’s and tomorrow’s organizations

We believe in the power of diversity and complementarity. We strongly encourage insightful and articulate individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life to apply.


Jaakko Sahimaa
Program Lead and Coordinator

+358 574 0475

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