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Our Mission

Join our movement and experience the magic of discovering transformative ideas that change the world. 

You want your voice to be heard and reach the top leaders.


You already live and breathe a future that others are yet to discover. You’re ready to grow the leader in you and help others to grow too. 

And you want to make an impact now. 

"There's a leader inside every single one of us."
                - Halla Tómasdóttir

We at The NextGen Project are a community of insightful, articulate and brave professionals from diverse backgrounds between the ages of 20-35. 


Together we act as a catalyst of change for senior executives who struggle to fully understand the changing values, attitudes and lifestyle of the next generations and how they should adapt.


The NextGen Project opens the doors to the board rooms and management teams. We enter into thought provoking and emotionally engaging conversations about the world changing around us and how that impacts businesses.

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