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Our approach

We selected a diverse group of NextGens for the money talk workshop: an entrepreneur, an enterprise solutions consultant, a communications specialist, a researcher, a business development manager, a management consultant, an early-stage VC, an account executive, a lawyer, a finance student, an organizational culture advisor and a talent acquisition specialist.


At the seminar, our NextGens co-facilitated 10 subgroups with a total of 80 executives. The groups dived deep into the topic of what is irritating in the current money talk and how banks and organizations could improve the way we see money and talk about finances.

Key objectives

We helped OP Financial Group, one of the biggest financial companies in Finland to organize a seminar around Finnish money talk, millenials and generation z.


OP wanted to energize the seminar with a NextGen component and for that they reached out to the NextGen Project. 


The speakers at the event included Timo Ritakallio, President and Group Executive Chairman at OP and Olli Rehn, Governor at Bank of Finland.




The stakeholders received insights on how millenials and generation z see the current money talk and how they take care of their personal finances. 


Both OP and stakeholders gained tips on how to approach the millenial and generation z consumer groups when it comes to money talk.


Both millennials and the participating exwcutives built new connections and networked both at the event and in Linkedin afterwards.

Ready to be the change?

Start a ground-breaking conversation between generations. Request more information and discuss with our team how we can collaborate - designing a custom made workshop for your company, incorporating a keynote in your next corporate event, and more...

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