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At The NextGen Project, we believe in harnessing the diverse insights of different generations to drive innovation, foster inclusive cultures, and shape a better future.

The NextGen Project Founder & CEO, Heikki Leskinen

Heikki Leskinen

Founder & CEO

Heikki is the driving force behind The NextGen Project. He is passionate about helping organizations create engaging workplaces for top young talent and harnessing their strengths to anticipate the future and drive business transformation.


With over twenty years of international experience in management consulting, Heikki has a deep understanding of strategic leadership through industry disruptions. He has also spent a decade facilitating productive dialogues between senior executives and next-generation change-makers, fostering collaboration and empowering organizations to navigate complex challenges.


The Power of our Network of NextGen Advisors

What sets The NextGen Project apart is direct access to future perspectives. Our network of forward-thinking advisors aged 20-35 work at leading corporations, startups, and nonprofits. United by a shared purpose of driving positive change, they offer an upcoming generation's lens on emerging trends in technology, environment, work, and society.

It’s a unique way for leaders to get future-ready. Stepping outside bubbles to exchange ideas helps reshape assumptions and form forward-looking plans. These hierarchy-free, cross-generational conversations are energizing. Leaders walk away focused, with fresh perspectives, and ready to drive progress.

Let's talk 

Are you interested in understanding and leveraging the power of the next generation? Let's discuss how we can create a more collaborative and forward-thinking future for your organization.

The NextGen Project is now part of Eezy Flow

The NextGen Project is thrilled to announce its partnership with Eezy Flow, a Finnish company known for driving growth and change in organizations. This collaboration will bring next-generation perspectives to Eezy Flow's clients, especially in leadership development and culture change services. The NextGen Project, committed to amplifying the voices of young leaders, will serve as a bridge for clients to connect with the ideas shaping the future.

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