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In an increasingly competitive talent landscape, attracting and retaining the right people is crucial for organizational success. Understanding how you are perceived externally is key. Our Employer Branding service helps you tap into the insights and perspectives of external next-generation talent to re-imagine your value proposition. By understanding their perception of your organization's potential, you can transform your brand to stand out as the top choice for future talent.

Employer Branding for the Next-Gen Workforce

Young people working around a table. NextGen Work Canvas is visible on a computer screen.

To Whom

  • HR professionals and talent acquisition teams in mid-sized to large organizations.

  • Companies in competitive industries looking to enhance their employer brand and attract next-gen talent.

  • Organizations facing challenges in attracting and retaining young professionals, and seeking to align their employer value proposition with the expectations and aspirations of this demographic.

We can help you

  • Gain valuable insights from our NextGen members about their perception of your organization.

  • Re-imagine your employer value proposition to align with the desires and expectations of next-gen talent.

  • Communicate your company purpose and values effectively to attract the right candidates.

  • Identify and optimize the communication channels most relevant to your target audience.

  • Enhance your recruiting practices and attract top young professionals.

What is included

  • External assessment: NextGen advisors analyze your brand from a job seeker's perspective.

  • NextGen consultations: Gain insights from our members about your employer brand and its potential.

  • Customized recommendations: Tailored strategies to align your brand with next-gen expectations.

  • Communication guidance: Expert advice on conveying your company's purpose and values.

  • Recruitment enhancement: Strategies to attract top young professionals.

Services available virtually or on-site.

Keynotes: Decoding the Next Generation

Leadership Development

Manager Development

NextGen Scenario Workshops

Other services

Ready to elevate your employer brand and attract the talent of tomorrow? 

Contact us today to gain insights from our NextGen members, align your employer value proposition with the expectations of young professionals, and position your organization as the preferred choice for future talent.

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