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Empower managers with essential tools to unleash the full potential of Millennials and Gen Z in their teams. Our training focuses on effective strategies for day-to-day leadership, including goal setting, communication, and well-being. Participants create a personalized plan to adapt their leadership style and meet the needs of future generations in the workforce.

Managerial Training for a Diverse Workforce

Young people working together next to a Mac

To Whom

  • Managers and team leaders, especially those working with Millennials and Gen Z

  • HR professionals seeking to equip managers with skills for a diverse workforce.

We can help you

  • Gain a deeper understanding of Millennials and Generation Z in the workplace, enabling more effective management and collaboration.

  • Acquire practical strategies for effective communication, leading diverse teams, and managing conflicts, leading to smoother work dynamics.

  • Create an actionable plan to adapt leadership styles to meet the needs and expectations of current and upcoming generations, improving leadership effectiveness.

What is included

Part 1: Decoding the Next-Generation (0,5 days)

  • Understand the driving forces behind millennials and Gen Z in the workplace.

  • Examine how young professionals are reshaping workplace norms and their implications for leaders.

  • Discover the unique value that young talent brings to your team and organization.

  • Harness the strengths of different generations as a catalyst for innovation and renewal.

Part 2: NextGen Bootcamp (1 day)

Morning: Manager's Toolkit for Leading Young Professionals

  • Effective communication strategies.

  • Goal setting and task assignment techniques.

  • Supporting, motivating, and providing feedback to young talent.

  • Conflict resolution skills.

  • Competency development strategies.

  • Ensuring well-being in the workplace.

  • Leading hybrid teams using The NextGen Work framework.

Afternoon: Workshop with NextGen Advisors

  • Engage in an energizing workshop with hand-picked NextGen advisors.

  • Share leadership-related challenges and best practices.

  • Collaboratively develop personalized plans to enhance participants' leadership styles with insights from NextGen advisors.

Services available virtually or on-site.

Keynotes: Decoding the Next Generation

Employer Branding

Leadership Development

NextGen Scenario Workshops

Other services

Equip your managers for better
next-gen leadership.

Contact us now to discuss how our Manager Development program can benefit your organization and drive success with the next generation of talent.

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